How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Spine Surgery

Back surgery is surely a serious undertaking, and anyone would naturally be nervous about going through it. It’s just common sense. Like anything else frightening you must do, proper prep and a positive mindset are essential. Let’s set the stage for how to mentally prepare yourself for spine surgery.

There Are No Stupid Questions

The more you know, the more you know. Yes, redundant, but helpful when it comes to preparing yourself for spine surgery. Like anything else we might be frightened about, understanding what it entails, how often it is successful, and how trained the person in charge is all helps to ease our fears.

octor and patient discussing something while sitting at the table

Consider someone who is afraid of flying. Once they fixate on the number of successful flights every single day and understand the training of every pilot, it can allay some of the fear. It is similar with back surgery.

Ask as many questions as you want. Ask about Texas Spine Associates’s success rate with this type of surgery, how many they have performed it, and what is the process. You can temper how much you want to know by these questions. Some patients want to know every single detail whereas others may only need to know some basics.

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Bring your partner or a trusted friend with you while talking with your surgeon. When you are anxious, you may not hear every answer or instruction. They can take notes for you and keep you actively listening. Later you can review what you each heard and realize you have additional questions or need some clarification.

Remain Part Of The Process

Yes, your surgeon will be performing the surgery, but you have your part to play as well  if you want a successful outcome. Stay active in that process. Follow through on all the preoperative instructions, lose weight if that is recommended, and think positively.

Studies have shown that going into surgery with a positive attitude can have a beneficial effect on outcome, recovery time, healing and even the amount of pain.

Knowing YOU have done all you can do to prepare for spine surgery will provide you with confidence, security, and feelings of peace prior to surgery. Now you can leave it in the competent hands of your surgical team.

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