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The Link Between Scoliosis And Other Health Issues

Although scoliosis normally is diagnosed in childhood or early puberty, it can develop in adulthood too. It is an abnormal curvature of your backbone or spine which runs down your back. Everyone has a small amount of curve, but if you have scoliosis, your spine curves to the left or to the right, making it look like the letter C or S. There are several health issues associated with having scoliosis. Let’s review the link between scoliosis and other health issues.

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Why Treating Scoliosis Early Is Important

Scoliosis is a progressive spinal deformity, and it can affect multiple areas of the body if it is not  treated in a timely manner. As with most conditions and medical issues, it is always best if it is treated as soon as possible to prevent any complications. It is especially true with this progressive condition.

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Could Your Back Pain Be Adult Scoliosis?

Many of us suffer from back pain and there are lots of reasons why. Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, and although it is mostly a childhood condition, you can be diagnosed with adult scoliosis. This can happen if someone’s childhood curve was not corrected, or it’s also possible it could be newly diagnosed. Could your back pain be adult scoliosis?

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An Overview on the Types of Scoliosis

Uneven shoulders and waist, one hip higher than the other, and a shoulder blade being more prominent than the other are all early signs of scoliosis. It can be hard to detect at first, but once diagnosed should be monitored as the more serious cases can lead to lung and heart damage. Here’s an overview on the types of scoliosis, what to watch for, and when to see Texas Spine Associates.

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