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Could Your Back Pain Be Adult Scoliosis?

Many of us suffer from back pain and there are lots of reasons why. Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, and although it is mostly a childhood condition, you can be diagnosed with adult scoliosis. This can happen if someone’s childhood curve was not corrected, or it’s also possible it could be newly diagnosed. Could your back pain be adult scoliosis?

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How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Spine Surgery

Back surgery is surely a serious undertaking, and anyone would naturally be nervous about going through it. It’s just common sense. Like anything else frightening you must do, proper prep and a positive mindset are essential. Let’s set the stage for how to mentally prepare yourself for spine surgery.

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When Is It Time To See A Spine Specialist?

We all get aches and pains occasionally. Sometimes we know what led to our latest backache, but other times it’s a mystery. We know to use heating pads, OTC meds, and stretches to help it resolve. When it doesn’t go away on its own, suffering with back pain can lead to lost time from work and problems with everyday activities. These situations don’t always need the intervention of a medical professional, but when is it time to see a spine specialist?

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Risk Factors For Sciatica Pain And When To See Texas Spine Associates

If you have ever had sciatica pain, you understand the nagging and burning pain that runs through your lower back and down your leg, and how difficult it is to find relief. It may come and go or may only last a few days, but if it keeps coming back, it’s best to understand the risk factors for sciatica pain and when to see Texas Spine Associates.

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Facts About Spinal Fusion You May Not Know

Just like many medical procedures, hearing the term “spinal fusion” can immediately cause concern and fear in someone due to the unknown.  Instead of taking time to Google horror stories and cause your brain to create all sorts of scenarios, we’ve compiled a few fast facts about spinal fusion that may help ease your mind.

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